CEA Case Study – Dental Office Lighting Upgrade

Background Dental office in a suburban setting Size – approximately 4,000 sf Age – Building approximately 10 years old. Existing Lighting 35, 2x4 fluorescent fixtures, 3 tubes per fixture 36, 6” can lights with 65w incandescent bulbs Estimated annual spend for lights - $2,800 ($2,200 electricity cost / $600 bulb replacement and maintenance) Overview The [...]

Calculating ROI – LED Lighting Upgrades

LED costs have dropped dramatically over the past 10 years. The payback period can be very short, especially when paired with eligible rebates through local utility companies. Combined with flexible financing options with no out-of-pocket costs, attractive fixtures, and better room illumination, it is tough to resist an upgrade. There are many variables to consider [...]

April is National Safe Digging Month

For this year’s National Safe Digging Month, experts in the energy industry are taking the time to highlight safe digging procedures for excavators, utility operators, and anyone involved with Ohio construction. As stated in a recently released reminder from The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), Ohioans should remember that "law requires that anyone planning [...]