Creating a procurement strategy is critical in today’s volatile energy marketplace. CEA continuously monitors the dynamics in the marketplace and identifies opportunities that drive the best value for our customers. We enable our customers to take a proactive approach to capitalize on market opportunities.

Energy procurement can be complex and confusing making it difficult to determine which supplier’s product has the best rate and terms.

  • Our team will “cast a big net” to multiple certified electric and gas suppliers, driving competition in the marketplace.
  • CEA will review results and make recommendations to our customers based on price, contract terms, product types and market conditions.
  • We enable our customers to drive price and other terms by putting them in the best position to negotiate.
  • Our customers’ energy purchases are structured to meet their risk profile and financial objectives.
  • We manage your contract expirations to ensure you do not pay costly cancellation fees or get locked in to automatic renewals with non-negotiated prices.
Understanding Your Utility Bill

Our team will solicit and engage the maximum number of certified suppliers to create competition and drive down energy pricing. CEA will drive suppliers to develop the lowest price and best terms and conditions for our customers. We have a proprietary Request for Proposal (RFP) tool to analyze suppliers’ similarities and differences and fleshes out hidden costs to ensure an “apples to apples” comparison.

Our customers receive continuous education and analytics throughout the contract term with market updates, future procurement opportunities and regulatory changes that could impact future costs.

CEA will save customers as much as 30% on gas and electricity bills while selecting the best supplier’s terms and conditions. Other intangible benefits of CEA’s professional procurement process include:

Risk Management

Implementing a risk management strategy helps mitigate exposure to the volatile marketplace and protect a company’s bottom line. Our analytics team focuses on identifying and quantifying uncertainties in the marketplace and tailoring a robust risk management strategy to mitigate them.

Data Review & Management

CEA ensures that all data is organized and dependable before shopping the market. Our analysis will audit and validate all data, and we specialize in managing multiple accounts, facilities and states. CEA catalogs and files customer data and contracts to allow for a seamless renewal in the future.

Contract Negotiations

Many contracts are written to protect the suppliers from risk at the expense of the buyer; and the contract terms and conditions are oftentimes confusing. CEA will analyze and negotiate the best contract for our customers based on their risk parameters.

Regulatory Changes, Impacts and Analysis

CEA continuously tracks and researches important developments in the energy industry. Our analysts will identify changes in the marketplace and measure the impact to our customers to eliminate unexpected financial impacts to their budget.

Education & Empowerment

Our approach is to conduct research, understand the marketplace, understand our clients’ specific needs and provide the information and tools to optimize energy performance and deliver value. Information and knowledge are power. In addition to providing access to better and more predictable rates for electricity and natural gas, we help our clients understand cost drivers such as peak demand and ways to reduce related costs.

We bring straight talk on how we can deliver value to our clients through our insights, annual review process, competitive bidding process and our Community Energy Savings Program.