Quality LED Lighting Upgrades & Retrofits

  • Improve the lighting quality and safety of your building
  • Make your building more energy efficient and reduce your energy bills!
  • Financing available with repayment solely from your energy efficiency savings – meaning no cash out of pocket (subject to project qualification)
  • Discount on lights and labor with affinity association
  • Eliminate inconvenient and costly light bulb replacement and maintenance costs
  • Completed applications for rebates from all Ohio Electric Utility Companies:
    • AEP
    • Dayton Power and Light
    • Duke
    • First Energy
    • AMP – Ohio / Local Cooperatives
  • Credible ROI calculations from trusted energy experts
  • 5-year guarantee on parts and labor

How to Get Started

  1. Schedule a walk-through and obtain a custom quote and ROI Calculation
  2. Select full fixture upgrade or bulb replacement only
  3. Evaluate and select financing options (if desired)
  4. Schedule your installation – improve your facility and lower your costs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can installing LED lights save me?

There are many components to this question. Let’s focus on your utility bill. LED lights can provide the same or better light using 1/5th or less the power. So, if lights represent 50% of the power used in your facility, and LED light are using only 20% of the kWh of the old lights replaced, your electric bills would be approximately 40% less!

What are the other savings?

Other savings that LED lights can deliver is reduced maintenance and replacement costs. LED lights simply last longer. How often do you walk through your facility and see a can light bulb burnt out? A fluorescent tube that needs replaced. Quality LED lights have 5 year warranties and depending on usage, can last much longer. No bulb replacement costs and no maintenance costs.

What happens 5, 6, 10 years down the road when the warranty runs out on my new LED lights?

Nothing lasts forever. It will be time for LED replacement. More likely, it will be time for an upgrade. The pace of technology is very fast. Expect LED lights, or a successor technology to be even more efficient and driving more savings to pay back the upgrade.

How do the rebates work with the utility companies?

The most important thing is to file the paperwork to get approval BEFORE purchasing lights or starting a project. The paperwork can be burdensome and confusing. Work with a lighting professional that has experience in completing the paperwork and obtaining the rebates for you. In fact, request a printout of the estimate from the utility company’s on-line tool prior to starting a project. That way you’ll know that your contractor knows how to access the utility’s rebate and you’ll have more confidence that the amount quoted is legitimate.

How much of the costs do rebates cover?

That depends on many things, like the efficiency of the lights being replaced and the new lights being installed. Here is a simple example – replacing a recessed can light. Old bulb is 65 Watts. New LED replacement fixture is 11W. There are over 8,760 hours in a year, and assume the light is on 1/3 of the time, or 2,920 hours. The new light uses 54 W less, over 2,920 hours, for a savings of 158 kWh. If you are paying the utility company at a rate of $.12 / kWh, the savings is $19 per year on your utility bill. But that wasn’t the question. The question was – what’s the rebate? The most common rebate available today is $.05 / kWh reduced. In this case, that would be 158 * $.05, or $7.90.

I can save $19 per year and earn a rebate of $7.90. How much would that light cost to be installed?

Again, it depends! It depends mostly on the quality of the LED fixture and the cost of labor from the installation company. We did a recent project where the total cost, fixture and labor, for ceiling can light replacement was $27. That’s right, the costs were about the amount of savings and rebate in the first year. So, the new lights were paid off in the first year, and the utility bill reductions continues year after year.

How Do I Evaluate What My Cost and Savings Would Be?

Call us at 330-721-8000, ext. 7002. We will ask you a few basic questions and schedule a site visit and provide an LED Lighting Upgrade Plan. It is no cost to you, other than your time.

Is it all about the cost and savings or are there other things I should consider?

As a business owner, of course costs and savings and ROI are important. There are many other aspects, intangible benefits, to LED lighting. There are as many options in LED lights as there are options in Television sets! Think about it – flat screen, curved screen, cable ready, voice command, 50”, 70”! LED lights offer the ability to control shade, intensity, color and other things. The controls can be switch, flat panel and voice. The color and intensity levels can enable a business to improve workspace, safety and morale in general. With all this flexibility, there are costs, of course. So, make sure you are clear with your lighting professional about what your goals are and what your budget is.

Case Study

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