Community Energy Advisors (CEA) is a trusted advisor to companies, communities, government entities, chambers and business associations looking to make smart choices to manage their natural gas and electric power needs while reducing costs and mitigating risks. In a rapidly changing and often confusing market, CEA works to create strategic solutions for our clients based on their specific needs, industry benchmarks and energy forecasts. Our products and services are data and analytic driven to deliver value and transparency in your energy and utility cost management.

Our approach is to conduct research, understand the marketplace, understand our clients’ energy usage profile, and provide the information and tools to optimize energy performance and deliver value. Information and knowledge are power. In addition to providing access to better and more predictable rates for electricity and natural gas, we help our clients understand cost drivers such as peak demand and ways to reduce related costs. We are committed to the motto of EDUCATE AND EMPOWER.

Electricity and Natural Gas Procurement
CEA utilizes historical and future market data, current and anticipated customer usage data, utility tariff rate modeling and extensive knowledge of suppliers’ products and terms and conditions to create a strategic procurement plan.

Analytics & Reporting
The supply portion of your energy bill is only half of your costs. Our analytics help you understand the regulated utility costs which comprise up to half to all of your costs. We help understand all the components of your utility bills, and how you can positively impact the key cost drivers. Our analytics and reporting packages provide INSIGHT and IMPACT.

Utility Bill Audits
Utilities produce a high volume of bills with unique and complex charges that are tied to frequently changing tariffs filed with the Public Utilities Commission. CEA’s utility bill audit service is led by an industry leader with expertise and experience in every utility region in the United States.

Bill Pay Services
Improve company performance and compliance with timely utility bill payments. When you have 5 or more utility bills per facility per month, in multiple locations, you are exposed to missing payments and late payments. We work with best-in-class providers of bill pay services to enable our clients to consolidate and control their utility bills, and drive efficiency, accuracy, timeliness and transparency.

High performance, high efficiency lighting has never been more accessible. We deliver lighting solutions to clients that improves the workspace quality and the overall appearance of offices, warehouses and facilities alike. We are a distributor for a leading light and light fixture company and assist our clients from design to fixtures to installation to flexible and easy to use controls.

Demand Management
A hidden cost within your electric utility bill is related to demand. Electric rates are expressed in terms of kilowatt hours – however, this is just a portion of the total electric bill. We help you understand the cost of monthly peak demand and coincident peak demand and quantify the savings opportunities for managing and lowering the amount spent on peak monthly demand and annual capacity charges. We compare and contrast to the costs and savings of active demand management and participating in a Demand Response program.