About Community Energy Advisors

Community Energy Advisors is built around teamwork and an entrepreneurial spirit. Its three founders, Rick, Joe and Kevin, bring a diverse set of skills and experience from business, industrial and government settings. Combined, they built a company that brings an energetic and innovative approach to ensuring our clients achieve the economic and service results that they expect and deserve.

Unlike other energy consultants and brokers, Community Energy Advisors is built around analytics and reporting. We deliver Education and Empowerment through our research, insight and information derived from various respected industry sources combined with our own primary source research and analytics. Our technology platform enables our customers to access our information and procurement tools in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

“Community” is in our name for a reason. Through our unique approach to energy procurement and management, we improve the energy economics of small businesses and industrial-sized customers. We reach our customers individually and we also work with and through community organizations such as Economic Development, Chambers of Commerce, Civic Organizations and Government Agencies. It is through combining the collective resources of businesses and organizations working on behalf of businesses that Community Energy Advisors achieves community-wide economic impact.





Davidson, Rick BW

Richard W. Davidson

Principal and Co-founder
Community Energy Advisors, LLC

Richard W. Davidson, principal and Co-founder of Community Energy Advisors, brings over 21 years of combined energy trading and retail marketing experience in the electricity and oil markets. A leader that has the ability to analyze situations, capitalize on opportunities and drive success, his extensive experience includes management, sales, trading, marketing, forecasting, budgeting and operations across multiple channels assuring regulatory compliance in the energy industry.

Davidson began his career in the oil industry where he managed the distribution of crude oil via barge, vessel and/or pipeline to meet contractual obligations and optimize on market prices. When the company merged, he joined a Fortune 200 electric company. For over 10 years, as a senior wholesale trader, he was responsible for the day-to-day trading activity including managing hedge strategies and portfolio optimization with expertise in the short-term physical power markets and generation dispatch.

With Davidson’s strong entrepreneurial ability, he was responsible for leading strategy and creation of a new residential channel through direct marketing geared to capture new business in the residential segments. Davidson was instrumental in creating a fully outsourced model leveraging outside vendors, product development, strategic pricing and budgeting while driving a low cost per acquisition. He built a high performance team that successfully acquired over 550 thousand new customers over a two-year period.

With his specialization in marketing and creating new profitable business units, Davidson changed roles to manage and create a new retention and renewals team for the residential and commercial book. These leading efforts include segmentation and targeting, value proposition development, costing and pricing, performance analysis and results reporting. The team successfully renewed over 85% of the book and retained 70% from competition while keeping high margin accounts.

Davidson believes that education and local initiatives are keys to improving the economic success of a community. He is an active civic volunteer and a generous philanthropist. He volunteers as the treasurer of Medina County Board of MRDD and Habitat for Humanity. He also mentors people that want to pursue an entrepreneurial career. Throughout his career, he has earned a reputation for his leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and ability to successfully reach goals.

Davidson’s expertise includes:

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Strategy & Vision
  • Segmentation & Targeting
  • New Business Development
  • Driving Performance Metrics
  • Relationship Building

For additional information about Community Energy Advisors:
Contact Rick Davidson at (330) 416-6331 or RDavidson@ceateam.com

Lauterjung, Kevin BW

Kevin S. Lauterjung

Principal and Co-founder
Community Energy Advisors, LLC

Kevin S. Lauterjung, principal and co-founder of Community Energy Advisors, brings over 25 years of progressive and diverse leadership and management experience. Lauterjung began his professional career as a U.S. Army officer in the Corps of Engineers and most recently was executive vice president at a major regional corporation. His career is marked by demonstrated success through leadership, team building and professionalism.

After graduating from West Point, Lauterjung led multiple units and organizations within the army and around the world. Lieutenant Lauterjung commanded a platoon and later was the executive officer of a combat engineer company.

Subsequently, Captain Lauterjung served with distinction in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm as an intelligence officer in the 24th Infantry Division. In his final army assignment, Captain Lauterjung led his battalion’s maintenance organization through a significant restructuring while exceeding the army’s standards for vehicle and equipment readiness.

After his service in the army, Lauterjung demonstrated his ability to build and lead teams in diverse settings and roles. He also specialized in financial analysis and innovative analytics. As a management consultant, his focus was strategic business planning and business valuations. He also served as director of operations for a small $20 million company.

Lauterjung’s leadership and business expertise continued to flourish throughout his fifteen years at a large regional company. His tenure culminated there as executive vice president where he focused on vendor management, quality management and contract compliance. He also had key leadership roles in opening new markets for the company. As a product manager, he was responsible for coordinating product innovation, pricing, distribution and operating components, and achieving year-over-year growth in sales and profitability.

With a strong service orientation, Lauterjung has donated his time to organizations such as Junior Achievement, March of Dimes and the USO of Northern Ohio. He currently serves on the boards of Business Volunteers Unlimited: Centers for Non-Profit Excellence and Better Health Greater Cleveland.

Lauterjung’s expertise includes:

  • Contract Negotiation & Management
  • Product Management
  • Team Building
  • Strategy & Vision
  • Business Planning
  • Analytics

For additional information about Community Energy Advisors:
Contact Kevin Lauterjung at (330) 607-2829 KLauterjung@ceateam.com





Steven J. Corliss


Utility Bill Audit Services
Community Energy Advisors, LLC

Steven J. Corliss leads our Utility Bill Audit services. He is a recognized expert and leader in the field. Steve has over 36 years in the electric utility business focusing on the needs of commercial and industrial customers.   He has developed many effective programs to help commercial and industrial customers better understand their utility costs by providing tools and services that convert data into information upon which to make business decisions.

His most recent experience in Utility Bill Audits was through his own company, Corliss Utility Advisors LLC, formed in 2014.  Steve’s clients have included Verizon, Ancillary Analytics, Cass Information Services, Real Page, Inc, and a Fortune 500 bank. Savings obtained for customers is in the millions of dollars.

Earlier in his career, Steve spent 13.5 years as the Energy Information Services Director of The E Group, a non-regulated, wholly owned subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp. The E Group provided energy management and consulting services to many clients including many Fortune 500 companies. The Energy Information Services group and the Exception Auditing practice, that focused on vendor billing errors returned impressive results under Steve’s leadership. The bill audit practice audited over 11,000 accounts over a two-year period, delivering just under $6 Million dollars in audit benefits through rate changes, billing errors, sales tax exemptions, and cash security deposit refunds.

Prior to assuming his position within The E Group, Steve was the Product Development Manager of Information Services at PacifiCorp, an Oregon utility, now part of MidAmerican Energy. While in this position, Steve was responsible for the development and implementation of utility information management programs, including a software tool and program known as Utility Smart, owned by FirstEnergy Solutions. Utility Smart is a tool that was developed through customer feedback on what was needed to organize and manage their utility costs. This versatile tool has been successfully implemented in both the national and state government segments, the hospital and health care industries, manufacturing plants, universities and real estate management companies, to name a few. It has a proven track record of generating simple paybacks of less than a year, and in some instances, less than three months.

Steve has developed a national reputation in utility bill auditing services and has presented papers at numerous national conferences including the prestigious Distributech DADSM conference. His presentations focus on practical, cost-effective approaches to implementing utility management programs in a focused, targeted structure that brings maximum results to the customer.

Steven graduated from Oregon State University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in marketing. He has served as President of the Forest Products Society, served as a board member of the American Institute of Plant Engineers, and as President of the Dallas Kiwanis Club.

Corliss’ expertise includes:

  • Utility Rate Structure Design
  • Product Management
  • Team Building
  • Strategy & Vision
  • Business Planning
  • Analytics

For additional information about Utility Bill Audit Services at Community Energy Advisors:
Contact Steve Corliss at (330) 896-0876 SCorliss@ceateam.com