Five Reasons Now is the Time to Consider a Lighting Upgrade

1. LED lighting options are affordable and immediately reduce your electric utility bill. 

LED lighting options have become more affordable than ever. While the upgrade may require a small investment at the beginning, the new lights will pay for themselves through the savings in your energy costs.

2. Rebate dollars from utility companies are generous.

Rebate dollars can make it possible to secure a payback period of 12 months or less. In addition, because the lighting upgrade saves you money on utility costs to begin with, it’s possible to end with a monthly payment that is less than the amount you are saving through the upgrade.

3. Improved appearance of your facility.

Your facility will benefit from the more modernized and upgraded appearance of the LED fixtures. The lighting itself can provide more visual appeal, as well.

4. Improved safety and company morale.

LED lighting options are safer and less prone to malfunction. In addition, your employees will no doubt appreciate the improvements to conditions in their work areas.

5. Your trusted advisors can help you ensure that you get a dependable solution and understand all the economics.

There’s no reason to stress about trying to consider whether an upgrade is right for you. Simply give CEA a call at 330-721-8000 or send us an email at We are happy to help!