The Benefits of Bill Management

Utility bill management might just be the best thing you never knew you needed.

At an extremely low cost (as low as $5 per bill), you can gain easy access to game changing information such as:

  • Annual utility costs
  • Usage patterns
  • Pass through charges
  • Late fees 
  • Facility benchmarking

And don’t worry, we’ve gone paperless too. While the data is extracted seamlessly into the software for analysis, an individual PDF copy of each invoice is stored electronically and can be easily accessed and reviewed.

You may already be tracking some of these things via manual entry into a spreadsheet or database. Here are two ways utility bill management can improve your process and outcomes with no additional effort from you or your staff.

  • Simple Sourcing — The data from your monthly invoices is sourced using state-of-the-art data services, meaning no manual entry or forwarding invoices needed.
  • Intuitive Dashboards – When it comes to measuring the impact of your energy efficiency and sustainability programs or quickly identifying anomalies in your charges, bill management software far outperforms spreadsheets. Simple, visual dashboards allow you to measure and adjust on the fly – saving you precious time and resources.

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