How to Manage Your Billing Demand

In a previous blog, we have discussed how load factor and billing demand affects your monthly electricity costs. Here are three ways to help manage your billing demand:

Behavior – The simplest and least expensive way to manage your demand is through behavioral adjustments. Changes as simple as only turning on equipment as needed and shutting down machines after they are done being used can go a long way in managing your demand.

Monitoring – Tracking your billing demand each month can be a great way to start identifying trends in your monthly demand. However, tracking your monthly demand will only tell part of the story. Interval meters can be installed to gain a fuller understanding of how your operations affect your billing demand. These meters will track your demand in 15-minute increments throughout the day, which will give you a more accurate depiction of your demand trends.

Equipment Upgrades – Upgrading to more efficient lighting and equipment can significantly lower your billing demand. These upgrades require an upfront investment, but will provide savings for years to come. Although this is the most expensive option in the short-term, rebate programs for lighting upgrades through the utility company can help mitigate the costs.