How to Protect your Business

Many small business owners receive daily calls from telemarketers or from high pressure door-to-door salesman telling them that they can help save the business owners money on their energy costs.  Unfortunately, many business owners do not know how to protect themselves from scams, fraudulent activity, and other things that lead to unexpected energy costs.

  • Centralize Decision-Making & Information Coordination Within your company, assign only one person to talk to people inquiring about your utilities and to review and sign supply contracts. Educate the rest of your staff on these scams and instruct them not to take any new supplier calls.
  • Require a Paper Supply Agreement Never provide consent over the phone, no matter how good the deal sounds. Any legitimate company will provide a paper agreement which will give you time to closely review all of the agreement details.
  • Avoid Cancel Fees Call the supplier listed on your utility bill to determine if you are in a contract and if so, what is the contract end date, notice provisions and if there are any early cancellation fees.
  • Have Phone Numbers Available Always reference the phone numbers on your bills when you have questions.  Keep your bill, supplier and utility companies’ customer service numbers, and utility emergency numbers handy to stay prepared for emergency situations.
  • Report the Incident Never provide personal, banking, or account information to someone who calls you over the phone or shows up in person. Call your local utility company and law enforcement to report any incidents relating to fraud.


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