About Community Energy Advisors

Community Energy Advisors is built around teamwork and an entrepreneurial spirit. Its founders bring a diverse set of skills and experience. Combined, they built a company that brings an energetic and innovative approach to ensuring our clients achieve the economic and service results that they expect and deserve.

Unlike other energy consultants and brokers, Community Energy Advisors is built around analytics. We deliver Education, Protection, and Savings through our research, insight and information derived from various respected industry sources combined with our own primary source research and analysis.


“Community” is in our name for a reason. Through our unique approach, we improve the energy economics of small businesses, mid-sized commercial, and industrial-sized customers alike. We reach our customers individually and we also work with and through community organizations such as Economic Development, Chambers of Commerce, Civic Organizations and Government Agencies. It is through combining the collective resources of businesses and organizations working on behalf of businesses that Community Energy Advisors achieves community-wide economic impact.


We are passionate about getting our clients the best energy rates in the market, but we also know the cheapest and cleanest energy is the energy you don’t use. To that end, we are committed to driving efficiency and promoting overall environmental stewardship and sustainability – and we practice what we preach! We have focused our internal efforts on reducing our costs and carbon emissions through targeted sustainability measures.

Our Impact

Work from Home

12,627 lbs of CO2 avoided per year


104 lbs of recycled material diverted from landfill per year

100% Renewable

97.8 tons of CO2 avoided per year

Two-Sided Printing

16,000 sheets of paper saved per year

As you can see by our impact above, we believe that implementing small, practical measures helps companies become more sustainable. We've adopted the following practices:

  • Office and employees' homes run on 100% renewable energy
  • Work from home – reduces carbon emissions from commute
  • Recycling
  • Reducing waste through re-usable dishes and cutlery
  • Programmable thermostat turned down during off hours
  • Conserving energy using power strips and conscious habits
  • Printer sleep mode when not in use
  • File storage moved to cloud – less paper waste
  • Printing double-sided when needed to save paper


Rick Davidson

Principal and Co-founder

Certified Energy ManagerCertified Energy Procurement Professional

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