Customer Interview – Medina Restaurant, Corkscrew Saloon

Why did you choose CEA?

Community Energy Advisors developed the Chamber Energy Program through the local Chamber of Commerce and I like the fact that they were vetted by the Chamber. Now I have someone I can call that I trust.


What kind of savings have you seen?

I saved over $8,700 over a three-year term.


What are you doing with the savings?

I plan on using the money to do some upgrades in the restaurant.  It is nice because I can use the savings versus pulling money out of the bank.


What do you do when someone selling energy knocks on your door?

I am extremely busy and when they start talking, I let them know that I am not interested in switching and am very happy with the Chamber Energy Program.


How was your enrollment and renewal experience?

They make it very easy to enroll and always explain the options. They are easy to work with.



We are so grateful for Corkscrew Saloon’s continued business and highly recommend paying them a visit if you are ever in the Medina, Ohio area. Check out their website for their menu, catering info, events, and more!