New Study Shows Energy Choice is Saving Businesses Money

Energy choice is rapidly proving the best model for electricity markets

In April 2017, a new study was published by the Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA) explaining that over the past decade, energy markets where consumers have a choice between suppliers have shown a consistent downward trend in pricing. By contrast, in the states with monopoly regulation, energy costs have risen at a very sharp rate.

The findings of the study should come as very encouraging news for residential, commercial, and industrial energy customers alike. According to the study, the demonstration of the superiority of the competitive market business model for energy has sparked debate in several states, including California, Nevada, and Michigan. These states and others are currently discussing the merits and logistics of putting an energy choice plan into place. In addition to being more cost-effective for consumers, the energy choice model also allows for more clean energy options and is quickly becoming recognized as the go-to model for 21st century thinking.

What this means for consumers in Ohio

Ohio is one of the 14 states that already has a competitive retail electricity market. In short, if you live in or do business in Ohio, not only are the average rates far lower than what you would find in a regulated monopoly state, but you also have far more options to shop around between!

More choices is a good thing! However, it also means there are more factors to take into account before making a decision on an energy provider. For assistance with making the most beneficial energy choices for your business, give CEA a call at 330-721-8000 or email us at We are happy to help!