SCAM ALERT – Attention Northeast Ohio Businesses

The Medina Police Department recently released a scam advisory to businesses that read as follows:

“A business on Public Square was recently scammed by an individual claiming to be a representative from Ohio Edison.  The scammer advises the business owner he/she owes money on their electric bill and a technician is en route to disconnect the service.  If the owner attempts to pay via credit card, the scammer will tell them he can only accept Money Pak/Green Dot cards as payment.  The scammer intimidates the business owner saying payment is the only way to stop the technician.  If you call the number associated with the scam it initially sounds legitimate and you will be put on hold.  If you persist, a male with a heavy accent answers.  When challenged, he will reply with expletives then hang up.”

Please share this advisory as well as our resources on how to protect your business with your contacts to ensure no other Northeast Ohio businesses are victimized.