Peak Load Contribution (PLC) and How it Dictates Capacity Costs

Previously, we have discussed capacity costs and the Base Residual Auction (BRA) that decides the clearing prices. Now we are going to delve into how these prices are converted into the $/kWh charges that are included in your supply rate. A customer’s specific capacity costs are dictated by their peak load contribution (PLC) in kW. [...]

SCAM ALERT – Attention Columbia Gas of Ohio Customers

Columbia Gas of Ohio customers have recently been reporting suspicious calls, leading Columbia to release the notice below. Click here to read Columbia’s notice to customers. To protect our customers from scams and fraudulent activity, CEA provides ongoing alerts and tips to help keep you and your business safe.

Ohio Utilities Emergency and Customer Service Phone Numbers

If you have questions about your utility bill, smell gas, notice a downed power line, or suspect someone is trying to scam you, it’s important to know the right number to call. Emergencies Gas Leaks – If you smell natural gas or suspect a leak, evacuate the area before calling your local utility company’s emergency [...]

FirstEnergy’s Nuclear Power Plant Legislation: Subsidy or Savior?

Update: May 17, 2017. The Plain Dealer reports, FirstEnergy nuclear hearings suspended in Ohio House. On April 6th, lawmakers in Ohio attempted to provide financial support to aging nuclear power plants within the state. With the introduction of Senate Bill 128, Ohio joined the likes of Connecticut and New Jersey as the next potential candidate [...]

Energy Scams & Fraud 101

Your local utility company receives numerous reports from electricity and natural gas customers who have been taken advantage of by scammers and imposters. In addition, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) has released a warning about currently active scams. Criminals use several fraudulent methods and cons to obtain customers’ personal information or cash. These [...]

April is National Safe Digging Month

For this year’s National Safe Digging Month, experts in the energy industry are taking the time to highlight safe digging procedures for excavators, utility operators, and anyone involved with Ohio construction. As stated in a recently released reminder from The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), Ohioans should remember that "law requires that anyone planning [...]